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Best Priced Napa Valley Country House?

Best Country House Price Near San Francisco.
Share 160 Acres. Only 8 Houses.

Maybe Best Priced Country Houses In SF Bay Area

Looking For Real Estate Buyers Wanting Napa Valley Farming Land In The Nice Napa Hills. If you can find a better comparable country house for sale anywhere in the north bay or east bay please let us know!

Year Round Creek..!  Pricing From $200,000+.  Two, Three or Four Bedroom. Nearby older properties might be worth many times more. 

For an affordable price, get a great house with many acres. Grow all kinds of things, or raise interesting animals. The price is low because you will need to abide by environmental restriction laws. A great way to live near the city without having to live in the city. Join other like-minded property owners and have lots of privacy. However, we want the new buyer to know as much as possible. We hope you will join our Napa Co-Operative Family!

Country Living Versus City Living:
Smarter and cheaper way to live out in the country. Share country land with other property owners coming from the San Francisco Bay area. Why live on a small piece of property with a small or medium-size yard? This will be undeveloped land. You will be sharing water and electricity systems with others who will be living far enough from you but on the same gigantic land lot.

Only $200,000 to about $500,000. Lower priced because it’s not yet built and has environmental protection restrictions. Save 50% if you want to buy after it’s built. Pricing is before your house is built. Yes, you get to really live in the country and probably have lots of privacy.  With all the Napa Valley country space around, who needs a huge house?  But if you do it's possible. You get to have a small house built probably to your reasonable expectations. The reason why the prices so low, is that you need to be very interested in some form of agriculture.  $200,000 should probably get the new buyer more than the new buyer ever expected for sale elsewhere and you get lots of land on which you or your family get to farm all sorts of things you have interests in.

Extensive Napa Country Home Details

Little Restriction On Size Of House Or Even Your Private Green House:
Napa environmental protection laws are in place. Napa County government zoning is designed to protect the environment. That's a good thing. Still you can pretty much make your place as big or small as you like. While Napa zoning wants to make sure those living there are either needed for your non profitable farming of some sort. The new buyer can make things a lot bigger than in typical crowded residential zoning areas. 

Location Is Outer San Francisco Bay Area’s Napa Valley, CA:  
Alternatively there is the more expensive option of getting less land and a smaller house for the same price in downtown Napa. This is an ideal location for those already thinking about buying property in the country elsewhere in say Napa County, Sonoma County, Marin County, northern Contra Costa County, etc.

So Many Things You Can Grow On The Napa Property:

Eight Houses On Over 160 Acres:
• The approximate pricing includes your share of roughly five to a dozen acres of hilly and somewhat flat agricultural land, plus building permit fees and construction costs.  Details are in the development stage. A imaginative, spiritual investor is backing the project. The investor has good references and investment funds available. The investor already owns a valuable piece of property in Napa Valley.
• Down Payment: It should be 20% to 50%. The bigger the downpayment the lower the price.  
• By San Francisco standards a somewhat large typical house lot is only 2,500 square feet (25 feet wide by 100 feet if the new buyer can get that much). An acre however is 43,650 square feet. Do the math and ask why you want to be squeezed into such a tight spot and pay through the roof for it – the new buyer probably can’t have enough parking space either. It once took longer to find parking in San Francisco than to drive back from SF to Napa County.

Growing Organic Food On The Raw Land
Fruit & Nut Trees – Organic Eggs – Raising Exotic Animals

Many Types Of California Napa Agriculture Uses. The types of agricultural uses are countless. You may wish to grow Napa grapes. Or raise another kind of crop. You can also raise interesting kinds of animals on site as well. 

To Keep It Agricultural You'll Want To Enjoy Working On Your Land:  You will need to work roughly year-round. You or your immediate family member will handle some aspect of the agricultural work on your Napa farm. Yes you can take good vacations, but you still need to spend most of the year on the property or have someone take care of it while you are away.

California Napa Co-Operative Family: You would own your share of the land along with others.  You might consider organic farming options.  Co-Ops are popular ways for people to own their apartment in places like New York City. Others might describe the California real estate Napa Co-Operative Family a perhaps a collective, commonage, commonality, or community. The Napa Co-Operative Family might also be viewed as a distant family, kibbutz, but less so a village per se.

Great Growing Climate In The Napa Outer Bay Area Weather: The weather is usually sunny. A nice dry summers allow one to enjoy the somewhat hot summers. If you like the rain, you see that it is very beautiful when it is raining in nature there.

For Emotionally Rewarding Work:
• Farming For Pleasure Or Profits? Small organic farming is more for the pleasure than maximizing profits. If profits from farming are your main goal you'll find cheaper alternatives outside our location within the greater San Francisco Bay Area such as the less interesting flat lands outside more conservative regions like Fresno or Chico. Or better yet perhaps Iowa.. While annual property taxes in Napa County are just a bit over 1% of the purchase price other taxes are higher in California.

Friendly DisclaimersNothingIsWarranted.Com. Check with us for details.

For The Smart Home Buyer – The future owners are hopefully friendly and interested in sharing their harvests with others on the land. Maybe they have at least some interest in personal growth or spirituality perhaps non-denominational or whatever. Those who are overtly righteous, scriptural, or sectarian may find the community liberal?

Sample Floor Plans:

Sample Napa Coop Floor Plans:

Take Your Next Step:

Very Best Country House For Sale Deal In Napa Valley:
Seriously, if anyone can find a better comparable country living real estate property for sale in Napa County or Napa Valley let us know!

Call us at the Co-Operate and leave a message anytime. No gimmicks please. Looking for something better than a house on less than an acre crowded in by too many houses? If you are friendly and have the available finances to join us – pick up the phone now and call. If you are serious about the Napa Valley country house, and this is what you are looking for call anytime.

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