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Innovation Institute Offers Free Invention Rights To Worthy Causes

Ask Innovation Institute About Its Free Invention Rights To The World's Worthy Causes.

Innovation Institute TM focuses on unique applications for existing electronic technology. While the web may be crowded with lot's of junk, Innovation Institute filed the world's largest known patent applications.

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Can Wild Donald Trump Really Force Apple To Make iPhones In California?

We Have A Free World Trades System The US Has Historically Promoted.  China now has the supply systems in place that California lacks manufacturing wise.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Will California & India Overtake China Due To Chinese Weaknesses

What Do California And India Have In Strengths To Help Beat China's Massive Economic Force?  Can California & India Overtake China Due To Chinese Weaknesses?

The west and India are generally more proficient with the world's tech language English, than many Chinese native speakers.  It's tough entering Chinese characters into a computer keyboard with a mouse.  It's tough to learn English if one if from a language group that is so different.

Technologically based businesses can excel when their people are proficient with English like California and India.  Food for thought.

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Good & Bad For Country Living On 10+ Acres

North San Francisco Bay Agricultural Cooperative Disclaimers
Notes & Comments

The following goes into extensive detail looking into the pros and cons. The cautionary document is simply designed to throw out perhaps more facts than most people would like to look at.

Napa Tenants In Common - More About Napa Co-Operative: 
We’re setting up our collective community of residents, buildings and land. You may be interested in permaculture, art, and learning how to live bit more sustainably. Try to familiarize yourself with this page before coming to visit. Links about how others have set up Napa Co-Operative Family Co-Operative Familys/
You’ll need all available facts up front. What other Bay Area country property can you find for sale with so many details and disclaimers upfront? There are ample environmental protection laws. We only want highly ethical people. Over View:

Protecting Environment Through Very Strict Zoning Requirements

Imaginative: We hope to be a very friendly and caring community allowing you to have they style of house and lifestyle you like otherwise. You may or may not like the style house, exotic color or other matters of others in the community. Government restrictions are largely set by planning and building codes which are generally often might be less restrictive than perhaps San Francisco or Contra Costa Counties.  At least there is so much more room you won’t be as restricted by set back rules for the front, side and back of the house.

Natural Country Living Risks: There is a somewhat greater risk of forest fires as the area won't be populated by lots of other houses though security precautions like a wide swath of tilled land can act as a fire breaker, plus a large pond can act as an extra water reservoir to tackle any natural fire. Plus there is fire insurance at any rate.

There are more disclaimers and details right at http://progressiveNapa

There are lots of imaginative things bright people can do with raw land near crowded cities especially when the land is so cheap. But we don’t want to be liable. Surf the web for things like “high value crops”, or “raising exotic animals” from chimpanzees to ostriches.

Construction Permits: Save on construction permit fees by getting permits to build something bigger than you need now, and build as you go in future (though permits may expire in future years unless you are either working on the project or renew the permit, etc.)

Down Payment:
• It should be 20% to 50%. The bigger the downpayment the lower the price.  
Banks are not too eager to lend on things that are not your typical cookie cutter type house.  This is despite the fact that land historically holds more value than houses which do crumble a bit over time. The main backer of the cooperative project might also lend you money. 
• A reserve of $100,000 should hopefully be set up to cover incidental costs including future low property taxes. Nature tends to take care of itself but we need to maintain roads, solar power and water.

You'll need to abide by very strict zoning ordinances designed to protect the beautiful hilly land. As generally in life or living in the country there are other risks.  Exact specifics on the real estate deal are in their very beta stage - see disclaimers at Your help to come up with the concrete details through brainstorming are invited. 

Financial Stuff:
• Pricing depends on what you want. Select the part of the land you want to live on.  The housing construction costs are up to you. Check out the interesting links.
• Like in other Co-Operatives your Napa agricultural land loan is tied to the entire property. So if one of the house owners did not pay their property taxes we would unfortunately be needing to sell it, then pay the balance back to the earlier owner. In this and other regards, this similar to San Francisco’s Tenants In Common TIH. Link from friendly and well known San Francisco TIH attorney Andy Sirkin we talked with many times in late 1990’s  Perhaps we will have him write up our tenants in common related agreement that you would then have double checked by your real estate broker or Napa County attorney.

Real Estate Agent Commission 6 Percent:
• The buyer’s real estate agent earns 6% commission.
• This is essentially for sale by owner. So it is not listed on real estate broker controlled property listing sites that want to list properties listed by other real estate association agents. Hence we have to pay higher commissions. If agents are not reluctant they can send their commission request forms to 707 427-6422.
• You can hire a California real estate agent or broker if you don’t have one already. Or you can hire a Napa County real estate attorney to help with the documents. If you have any other disclosures you believe need to be made by all means please let us know. Since the seller’s agent likes the project and has worked with us since 1999, the seller’s broker is not charging a commission. Honesty and full disclosure are essential. You will be required to get the purchase contract signed off by an honest and intelligent real estate broker plus to be extra careful a real estate attorney as well.
• To start find a real estate agent that cares about you: This isn’t a quick and easy real estate commission so find an agent/broker who has the time to study this project and can wait to get their commission. If they say it can’t be done then have them study the many links on this posting and research how to buy country property online or get a book on it at Amazon.
• Refer your real estate professionals directly to this page.

More of those disclaimers for people who have nothing better to do than find fault in something:  This draft blog will be updated.  Do send us your questions!

• Reselling Your House Share Of The Land: Because your purchase price could be substantially cheaper than other properties with equal size house and land, you'll have interest. Napa and next door Sonoma agriculture use zoning restrictions limit the number of people interested.
• You might make money but don’t hold us accountable if you don’t make big money.  But then who makes money growing food on a small ¼ acre lot (bigger than most house lots)? Farming is more likely to be emotionally rewarding than a big profit thing.

The main investor will co-own and live with you on the property. We really want you to study and understand everything.  We’ll be living on the same land so let’s get to know the plans and each other…!

Best Priced Napa Valley Country House?

Best Country House Price Near San Francisco.
Share 160 Acres. Only 8 Houses.

Maybe Best Priced Country Houses In SF Bay Area

Looking For Real Estate Buyers Wanting Napa Valley Farming Land In The Nice Napa Hills. If you can find a better comparable country house for sale anywhere in the north bay or east bay please let us know!

Year Round Creek..!  Pricing From $200,000+.  Two, Three or Four Bedroom. Nearby older properties might be worth many times more. 

For an affordable price, get a great house with many acres. Grow all kinds of things, or raise interesting animals. The price is low because you will need to abide by environmental restriction laws. A great way to live near the city without having to live in the city. Join other like-minded property owners and have lots of privacy. However, we want the new buyer to know as much as possible. We hope you will join our Napa Co-Operative Family!

Country Living Versus City Living:
Smarter and cheaper way to live out in the country. Share country land with other property owners coming from the San Francisco Bay area. Why live on a small piece of property with a small or medium-size yard? This will be undeveloped land. You will be sharing water and electricity systems with others who will be living far enough from you but on the same gigantic land lot.

Only $200,000 to about $500,000. Lower priced because it’s not yet built and has environmental protection restrictions. Save 50% if you want to buy after it’s built. Pricing is before your house is built. Yes, you get to really live in the country and probably have lots of privacy.  With all the Napa Valley country space around, who needs a huge house?  But if you do it's possible. You get to have a small house built probably to your reasonable expectations. The reason why the prices so low, is that you need to be very interested in some form of agriculture.  $200,000 should probably get the new buyer more than the new buyer ever expected for sale elsewhere and you get lots of land on which you or your family get to farm all sorts of things you have interests in.

Extensive Napa Country Home Details

Little Restriction On Size Of House Or Even Your Private Green House:
Napa environmental protection laws are in place. Napa County government zoning is designed to protect the environment. That's a good thing. Still you can pretty much make your place as big or small as you like. While Napa zoning wants to make sure those living there are either needed for your non profitable farming of some sort. The new buyer can make things a lot bigger than in typical crowded residential zoning areas. 

Location Is Outer San Francisco Bay Area’s Napa Valley, CA:  
Alternatively there is the more expensive option of getting less land and a smaller house for the same price in downtown Napa. This is an ideal location for those already thinking about buying property in the country elsewhere in say Napa County, Sonoma County, Marin County, northern Contra Costa County, etc.

So Many Things You Can Grow On The Napa Property:

Eight Houses On Over 160 Acres:
• The approximate pricing includes your share of roughly five to a dozen acres of hilly and somewhat flat agricultural land, plus building permit fees and construction costs.  Details are in the development stage. A imaginative, spiritual investor is backing the project. The investor has good references and investment funds available. The investor already owns a valuable piece of property in Napa Valley.
• Down Payment: It should be 20% to 50%. The bigger the downpayment the lower the price.  
• By San Francisco standards a somewhat large typical house lot is only 2,500 square feet (25 feet wide by 100 feet if the new buyer can get that much). An acre however is 43,650 square feet. Do the math and ask why you want to be squeezed into such a tight spot and pay through the roof for it – the new buyer probably can’t have enough parking space either. It once took longer to find parking in San Francisco than to drive back from SF to Napa County.

Growing Organic Food On The Raw Land
Fruit & Nut Trees – Organic Eggs – Raising Exotic Animals

Many Types Of California Napa Agriculture Uses. The types of agricultural uses are countless. You may wish to grow Napa grapes. Or raise another kind of crop. You can also raise interesting kinds of animals on site as well. 

To Keep It Agricultural You'll Want To Enjoy Working On Your Land:  You will need to work roughly year-round. You or your immediate family member will handle some aspect of the agricultural work on your Napa farm. Yes you can take good vacations, but you still need to spend most of the year on the property or have someone take care of it while you are away.

California Napa Co-Operative Family: You would own your share of the land along with others.  You might consider organic farming options.  Co-Ops are popular ways for people to own their apartment in places like New York City. Others might describe the California real estate Napa Co-Operative Family a perhaps a collective, commonage, commonality, or community. The Napa Co-Operative Family might also be viewed as a distant family, kibbutz, but less so a village per se.

Great Growing Climate In The Napa Outer Bay Area Weather: The weather is usually sunny. A nice dry summers allow one to enjoy the somewhat hot summers. If you like the rain, you see that it is very beautiful when it is raining in nature there.

For Emotionally Rewarding Work:
• Farming For Pleasure Or Profits? Small organic farming is more for the pleasure than maximizing profits. If profits from farming are your main goal you'll find cheaper alternatives outside our location within the greater San Francisco Bay Area such as the less interesting flat lands outside more conservative regions like Fresno or Chico. Or better yet perhaps Iowa.. While annual property taxes in Napa County are just a bit over 1% of the purchase price other taxes are higher in California.

Friendly DisclaimersNothingIsWarranted.Com. Check with us for details.

For The Smart Home Buyer – The future owners are hopefully friendly and interested in sharing their harvests with others on the land. Maybe they have at least some interest in personal growth or spirituality perhaps non-denominational or whatever. Those who are overtly righteous, scriptural, or sectarian may find the community liberal?

Sample Floor Plans:

Sample Napa Coop Floor Plans:

Take Your Next Step:

Very Best Country House For Sale Deal In Napa Valley:
Seriously, if anyone can find a better comparable country living real estate property for sale in Napa County or Napa Valley let us know!

Call us at the Co-Operate and leave a message anytime. No gimmicks please. Looking for something better than a house on less than an acre crowded in by too many houses? If you are friendly and have the available finances to join us – pick up the phone now and call. If you are serious about the Napa Valley country house, and this is what you are looking for call anytime.

707-427-6443 Anytime

Coop House Plans

Useful Bay Area Coop Housing Plan Links

These are just samples or find others online by searching for free Napa Valley housing plans, or Northern California housing plans online.

Traditional Way Is More Expensive To Build From Scratch:
• Floor Plan Source
• Floor Plan Source:

Imaginative Deluxe Models – Save Over 30% Or More
Save By Selecting Surprisingly Imaginative Homes That Are Partly Or Fully Premade With Quality Materials (get a fresh perspective on the new innovations on how to save on housing costs).  Many experts say a two bedroom two baths house could be 1000 square feet. So your costs might be $80,000 per 1,000 sq. ft. including foundation and permit fees.  Your share of the costs for the common areas like gravel road to the property and solar power installation would come from the other part of your total purchase price of $250,000 or more. Exact price depends on what you want built.

Those Cooperative Land Disclaimers:

Introduction to imaginative options: Live in the nearby country, by paying less for the raw land and the Napa Valley house.

Also Surf For More Floor Plan Ideas. Use These Perspective As Yet Non Guaranteed Floor Plans As Your Starting Point

Grow It In San Francisco Bay Area

North Bay Area Cooperative Agriculture Links

Interesting Links On North San Francisco Bay Area Farming For Fun Or Possible Profit

North Bay Agriculture Links:
• Buying California Plants: Where to buy natural plants local to Napa County / Napa county. Plant supply sources
• More Napa County Gardening Links: http://ceNapa
• Fun raising organic eggs:
• The land will have hills and moderate flat areas on which to grow plants. Links on Napa County soil

What You Might Grow Clickable Links:

More Fruit & Nut Links:
• Your small Napa County orchard:
• California Orchard Glossary:
• More Orchard Resources:
• Growing Rare Fruits In California can be very rewarding

Grapes - Viticulture:

Grape Country In Napa County grapes can take well to somewhat hilly and slightly rocky soil. Actually worse soil conditions surprisingly make for sweeter grapes. Check out the over priced Napa valley land for viticulture. Napa Valley is just next-door. Since Napa marketed their “Napa brand” to wine coinsures raw Napa grape growing land is maybe over priced. Save on Napa County grape growing land.

Common Local Napa/Sonoma/Solano Crops 2012:
The majority of the area is agricultural land. It comprises five counties: San Joaquin, Sacramento, Yolo County, Napa County, and Contra Costa. It has lots of cropland and pasture. Disclaimer – acreage is approximate and does not guarantee your plants will grow too.
 Wine grapes (32,800 acres).
 Tomato (28,500 acres). If home grown tomatoes are included the figure is much higher.
 Asparagus (8,500 acres)
 Almonds (8,300 acres)
• Popular Napa County vegetables include: Cabbage; Kale; Kohlrabi; Chard; Garlic; Onions; Leeks; Green beans; Spinach; Lettuce; Sweet potatoes; Other root crops like radishes, carrots and daikon; Squash; and melons; Berries (strawberries, black berries); Citrus (oranges, tangerines, lemon, lime, kumquat, grapefruit); plus lots more.
• Grow your own interesting crops..! What would you like to grow?
• Sorry Feds Say No Marijuana: Wait until the federal government might set up laws making it legal. Otherwise the land might be confiscated even if you have a medical pot card.
• Organic: We only want to keep the area organic.

Exotic Animals You Might Enjoy Raising On The Property:

Alpacas and llamas for pack animals, hair, and pets; Beefalo (hybrid of buffalo and beef); Boar; Buffalo (American Bison); Butterflies (for gardeners); Deer - fallow deer, red deer; Elk (wapiti) for meat and antlers; Horses - horse breeding, miniatures, exotics (beats getting around in a car); Mules and donkeys; Ostriches, rheas, emus; Goats / Sheep / Lamb for exotic cheeses; Yaks

Balut (duck eggs partially incubated); Chicken eggs partially developed (for Asian markets); Doves; Duck - meat and paté; Free range poultry of all types; Geese; Guinea fowl; Peafowl/Peacocks (feathers); Pigeons; Quail/Squab; Turkey

Pets & Service Animals:
Dogs – As service dogs, etc; Guinea pigs; Reptiles: Exotic lizards or exotic non vermin snakes. Or snakes that eat rattlesnakes: Friendlier king snakes. Pet foods - crickets, mealy worms, etc.
• Exotic birds. What they might sell for
• Service Animal Institute ™ we are hosting and

Aquaculture Napa County Fish Farming:
We can damn up and dig out a large pond or Napa County lake after getting the needed permits. How about it being fed by natural underground springs? Disclaimer: nothing is warranted or checked out until signed and notarized. Aquaponics (combining aquaculture and hydroponic operations); Bass, Trout, Catfish, Crayfish, Tilapia; What about fresh water koi fish that can fetch hundreds of dollars after a number of years? Or simpler things like watercress and other aquatic plants or ad these to the list of your hobby Napa aquaponic projects?

Exotic High Value Animals To Raise - Resources:

Are You Creative? Come Up With All Sorts Of Ideas For High Value Crops. Offer Your Produce Or Farm Animal Breeding Stock To Others. Some Ideas To Get You Thinking:
• Green house to grow all types of exotic plants. How about orchids?
• Cut flowers for businesses and restaurants in the Napa County – Napa Valley market?
• Fresh herbs and vegetables for high end Napa restaurants.
• Plants for Napa landscapers: Exotic bamboo and other supplies for commercial Bay Area landscaping companies.

More North Bay Area Cooperative Agriculture Links
Many more ideas..!  Surf the web. 

Farming on a small hobby scale can be lots of fun and good exercise as well.